It has been one crazy, nonstop, surprise-filled summer. There has been so much change packed into the past few months. Many goals met, new dreams conceived, a few things…still on the backburner. Laughter, tears, and many, many memories. Much humidity. Emphasis on much. We ate a lot of tacos, but not nearly enough. It’s all been so good, and by far, the busiest this blog has ever been, and I have you all to thank for that, so…thank you.

There were a few recipes that really blew up this corner of the Internet, and it made my butter-loving heart so happy to see how many of you were bringing these fruits of my crazy food brain into your homes.

Though we are still several weeks away from the official beginning of autumn, the first of September is when I mentally flip from summer to fall. So, let’s review the most popular recipes of 2019. Though there are a few recipes from years past that always end up being a top hit (I’m looking at you, crispy pork tacos and quick peach frozen yogurt), below you will find the only the new favorites from this summer.
  1. I was amazed by how quickly this simple recipe blew up, but as a tomato-lover myself, I should not have been surprised. The top favorite recipe of summer 2019, was my Lemon Thyme Roasted Tomatoes.

2. I was so delighted that you all apparently loved these Limoncello Ricotta Pancakes almost as much as I do. They are a huge favorite in our house these days and they came in as the second most popular recipe of summer 2019.

3. With only five ingredients and a hue as pink as this, it’s no surprise that this Watermelon Lavender Frosé was a favorite.

4. Undoubtably the most indulgent ice cream I have ever made, and certainly one of the most unique and surprising, this Fudge-Swirled Red Wine & Black Cherry Ice Cream was about as well-loved as its title is long.

5. This Fresh Mint Milk Tea gave iced coffee some stiff competition and opened up a fresh new way to beat the heat.

That’s all for now, friends. Thank you so much for all your support for this space and these recipes. I am more grateful than words can say.

Happy Labor Day!


Pedantic Foodie