Nerd Word Wednesday

pudding |ˈpo͝odiNG|


1 a dessert with a creamy consistency

2 (British) the dessert course of a meal

3 a sweet or savory steamed dish made with flour 

4 the intestines of a pig or sheep stuffed with spices and meat, then boiled. 


One of the things I appreciate most about life is the fact that we are constantly learning.  I learned something about pudding last weekend.   


Pudding has always had one definite meaning to me.  When I think of pudding I immediately envision the classic milk-based custard, typically flavored with vanilla or chocolate.  This vision is probably what most Americans would associate with “pudding”,  but the term does not limit itself by these standards.  


Historically, pudding was a British preparation.  Pudding not only referred to a particular type of dish, but also named a specific dessert course in a meal.  The “pudding course” does not necessarily include an actual pudding preparation.  


The British invented both savory and sweet variations of puddings.  Popular versions include Blood Pudding, Yorkshire Pudding and Plum Pudding.  These puddings begin with a batter made with flour, that is poured into a mold and steamed for several hours.  


There are several traditional puddings that are made with a combination of meat and various spices, and are often mistaken for sausage.  


Pudding has an array of meanings in the culinary world.  Though Blood Pudding may be traditional, I think I’ll stick to chocolate.  Happy Wednesday!



  Pedantic Foodie