Every Moment

There are these things, units of time, limitless possibilities, containing anything and everything; they’re called minutes.  An interval of a mere sixty seconds can be so powerful.  I’ve been learning this, (learning in the present tense, I haven’t quite learned it yet).  I’m realizing how precious each moment truly is.  Things happen, big things, important things.  The older I get it seems that the things get bigger and more important yet I appreciate them less and less.  So, I’m taking that excitement and anticipation back and appreciating the minutes I have.  Georgia was beautiful; here are ten of the meaningful moments I spent there.

#1 - In the evenings we walked down to the water, sat on the dock and watched as the sun set.  

#2 - We were in the south, of course I ate shrimp and grits.   

#3 - Another evening well spent at the edge of the water. 

#4 - Juicing at midnight, it’s healthy, and tasty too!

#5 - The moss, it drapes over all Georgia creating this whimsical canopy.

#6 - Nutella ice cream, it’s legit! 

#7 - Walking to the water.  

#8 - We stepped into a itty bitty coffee shop on the streets of Savanna to cool off with my favorite, frozen chai latte! 

#9 - This Church was stunning, not beautiful, not even gorgeous, just stunning. 

#10 - Pineapple gelato, it’s amazing!  

Have a wonderful week, appreciate your minutes and live them to the fullest!  Happy Monday!


Pedantic Foodie