Day One

I successfully completed day one and all I can think about is pasta, butter and brownies.  I only thought about giving up 31 consecutive times.  Each time remembering how I would have to admit to you that I am a wimp.  I did try to make things as tasty as possible, starting with breakfast.

My breakfast consisted of almonds, raspberries, soy milk, apples and 100% cranberry juice.  It was a rather delightful start to the day. 

By lunch time I was extremely hungry and I drank a blended menagerie of grapefruit, blueberries, spinach, lemon peel and 100% cranberry juice.  It was very refreshing and I actually enjoyed the spinach factor which I had been leery of.

An afternoon snack was much in order and I wanted something sweet.  I blended soy milk, banana, cashews and cinnamon together and enjoyed my “dessert”.  

For dinner I had a pretty standard smoothie with bananas, blueberries soy milk and cashews.

I’m feeling good so far but I’m already planning Thursday’s meals which won’t be coming from a blender.  


Pedantic Foodie