Cleansin' Time

My dear friends, for the next three days I will be consuming all my sustenance in raw, liquidus forms.  That’s right, it’s cleansin’ time.  I have been wanting to follow the trend for sometime now and when a friend proposed to facing the challenge as a team; I excitedly agreed.  I looked through many guides and cleansing plans, but decided to make up my own rules because it’s my cleanse.  I can do what I want, and I don’t want someone telling me to drink kale.  

Official Made-Up Rules:

-Raw Nuts

-Soy Milk

-Almond Milk

-Green Tea

-Fresh Vegetables

-Fresh Fruit

-All Natural Unsweetened Juices  


Everything on the list will be either juiced or thrown into the blender.  I committed to three days; three long days without butter.  This is no simple challenge for a devote baker such as myself and I knew I would need someone checking up on me.  We decided that each liquid blend I drink will be captured via instagram and texted to my partner-in-health.  I will also be sharing my favorites with you over the next couple of days along with the recipes, in case you get in a cleansin’ mood yourself.  Wish me lots of liquid luck!  


Pedantic Foodie