Friday!  It’s finally here! 

I got a new EOS lip balm this week so I clearly have nothing to complain about.  Truly, I can be just as delighted by a $3 container of chapstick as I would be about a designer handbag.  I just like having something new.  

COFFEE TALK {Pedantic Foodie}

While this might sound like a blessing, over the many years I have discovered that it can become a curse just as easily.  If these moments of happiness are so affordable then there is little to stop me from picking up a dose of joy each time I go out into the world, thereby training myself that my state of mind is dependent upon the newness of things.   

I know, it was heavy thought for a Friday, but a good reminder to myself that while a new lip balm is innocent enough, self-denial can be a helpful tool in fostering contentment.  

Of course, if you are in need of a new lip balm, may I suggest EOS Lemon Twist?  It smells so good and I kind of want to eat it. 

Now, for the coffee talk.  Do you have a latte in hand?  If so, I hope it is this latte

Shoutout to my sister because it is her birthday today and she is even better than peanut butter and chocolate combined.  Yes, really, it's possible. 

I am not sure why the world is mad at the hand salad, but I happen to think it’s a pretty fabulous idea, especially for the summer.  I’d happily grab a wedge of romaine over the dry carrots and raw broccoli from that boring crudites. 

I finally bought and planted my herbs Tuesday afternoon and so far they are still surviving which is a miracle in itself.  Green fingers crossed!  

Well, I know how I am going to be relaxing this summer.  Downton Abbey coloring book.

After months of anticipating, I finally received Joy's gorgeous brunch book and I had such a hard time deciding what to make first.  There are so many tempting recipes and I adore the direction she went with this book.  It’s educational, inventive, and approachable.  I finally decided upon two recipes which were so delicious and I cannot wait to share them with you next week!

I am so ready to pull out all the fancy drinks and start making use of my over abundant paper straw collection.  I am still in love with this papaya lemonade spritzer and my favorite watermelon slushies but I am wanting to try my hand at horchata.  Do you have a favorite recipe? 

I really want to get two of these pictures for my dining room.  I am also adding one of these letter boards to my mental wish list.  I feel like this would be a fun way to leave daily notes for Mr. Pedantic or to display favorite quotations/verses.

I’d take a spaghetti donut if you handed it to me.  I would pretty much take anything covered in marinara and parmesan though, let’s be honest. 

How are your weekend plans shaping up?  Is this looking like a lazy weekend or a productive one?  Maybe a little of both?  Cool, cool. I like how you roll. 


Pedantic Foodie