Hey there friend!  Do you have your iced coffee in hand?  Oh, you are already on your third cadbury egg of the day?  Well played, well played. 

{Pedantic Foodie}
These pretty little eggs were hand-painted by my cousin.  She's amazing.

Over the past eight days Norwyk Manor has gone through a rigorous process my mother used to call “spring cleaning.”  It feels like my little abode went on a juice cleanse. The sock drawer opens without coaxing and no longer makes me nauseous.  The sweaters have been packed away and the sundresses hung in deliberate rainbow order.  The floor of Mr. Pedantic’s vehicle is actually visible now that I finally bid those lifeless after-wedding balloons goodbye.  It has felt so good.  So much better than a juice cleanse actually feels and far less painful.  I am even getting better at purging.  I mean, I still cringed when I had to throw away the empty toiletries we had taken on our honeymoon, but I did it and that is what matters.  Sentiment versus minimalism - it’s my constant battle. 

So...Easter!  It's been the primary topic around here all week.  Are you hosting or attending this year? I heard tell that my aunt is making that retro strawberry jello/pretzel dessert and that is pretty much the most exciting news I have heard all month. 

I am not sure if I will actually get around to painting eggs this year.  I think I lost track of time with all of the cleaning and organizing and now I am wondering if it is too late.  Nonetheless, I was ogling ideas on Pinterest and these were my top favorites. (One, two & three.)

I am not generally one for gimmicky desserts, but even I must admit that these pavlovas are pretty adorable.

I felt affirmed in my affections when I read this.  That is, without a doubt, my favorite butter.  Also, why have I never done a butter tasting?  Bucket list. 

I told you the obsession was inevitable… I really want to try this Honeydew-Basil Agua Fresca.

Nothing excites me more than learning a new piece of culinary heritage.  This article was wonderfully written.  On a similar note, I think I may need to add this book to my library. 

These tiny Easter cakes have been calling my name all week.  Petit fours are one of my greatest weaknesses but I have never delved into making them myself.  Spring project?

Is your ham ready to bake?  Are you making this quiche for breakfast or this cake for dessert?  Whatever you are doing this weekend, I hope it involves much celebration, food and family.  Happy, happy Easter!


Pedantic Foodie