Hey, I have a secret for you. 

COFFEE TALK {Pedantic Foodie}

I’m wearing sandals right now.  Eeeeek! 

I usually approach spring cautiously until the very end of March when we have our first, airy, eat-dinner-on-the-patio week and then I’m like, “AHH I LOVE SPRING SO MUCH! LET’S BLOW KISSES TO THE WORLD.”

I’m a little contrary, no bigs. 

This intoxicatingly beautiful weather is giving me all kinds of false hope about gardening possibilities.  It is ambitious to say the least, as my very limited outdoor space is widely shaded and both of my thumbs are black through and through.  Nonetheless, I am making plans for a small endeavor that includes herbs and greens.  All things considered, I would likely be far more successful with this growhouse.  It’s tempting, I’ll admit, but for now my strategy is just to grab as many chic horticultural accessories I can find.  After all, if I look that cute the herbs wouldn’t dare refuse my coxing.  I would like to begin with this watering can

I promised myself that I would try this iced coffee last year and it never made its way into my mason jar.  This year, I’m determined.  I have to at least give minty coffee a try. 

While we are on the topic of drinks, I am absolutely loving these ideas for fancying up lemonade.  I really want to create a lemonade bar on my patio.  

How brilliant is this $40 dinner party?  I think I would like to create some $40 menus of my own for my mental toolbox and maybe a summer series? 

It’s taken me 22 years and 3 months to discover my fanaticism for folk art.  All of the sudden I adore it.  Maybe Rifle Paper Co. was my gateway drug?  I have an old pie cabinet that belonged to my grandmother and I am seriously considering coercing my mother into helping me paint birds like these on the sides.  Also, I LOVE those eggs and I am annoyed that I cannot have a giant collection of them for my very own because they make my eyes so happy. 

I’ve also fallen in love with this shop.  I love her prints, especially this one.

These brownies are on next week’s list of things to try and I am so excited.  I’m such a sucker for marshmallows and chocolate.  I am reasonably sure that most of my freshman twenty consisted of all those bags of marshmallows that I would dip in Nutella.  Keepin’ it classy. 

What are your plans for this weekend?  Are going to bake this grapefruit cake tonight for tomorrow morning’s breakfast?  Or, are you going to drive up to Trader Joe’s and defrost a box of almond croissants?  Both would be excellent options. 

Happy, happy Friday!


Pedantic Foodie