Hey you!  Start smiling, running in place, or drinking more iced coffee than you know you should because *drumroll* it’s Friday!! 

COFFEE TALK {Pedantic Foodie}

I have had an adorably fluffy houseguest since Tuesday and we are just beginning to be friends.  I scared him at first with my vacuuming, then there was a smoke alarm incident and the garbage disposal...  Needless to say, it has taken us some time, but I have high hopes that hugs are on the horizon and the terror is nearly behind us.  His name is Benjamin, Benjamin Bunny. 

Mr. Pedantic and I are going to attempt to make brioche buns over tonight and tomorrow.  We will be using the “Rich Man’s Brioche” recipe from The Bread Baker's Apprentice and I could not be more excited.  There's such magic to bread-baking. When we were in London, our hotel was just around the corner from a darling little French bakery that sold the most incredible brioche buns.  We quickly got into the habit of picking up two or three each day before venturing out into the city.  We have high hopes that our home-baked versions will almost measure up, though it is hard to compete with the charm of a walking breakfast on a chilly, London morning.  

I am still planning on doing a full tour of Norwyk Manor, but each time I go to take the pictures I realize that I want to hang something there or move that around or…something.  Hence the absence of pictures.  One of our dining room walls is giving me particular trouble.  It definitely needs some pizazz and while I have considered mirrors, I am much more inclined to give into another beloved trend and go for something woven.  This piece is my current favorite, but I’m also eyeing this one and this one.  Etsy is a dangerous, wonderful world. 

Then again, I am tempted to try making my very own woven masterpiece.  I found a class, now I just have to find the time. Ha. Haha. 

Would you live here?  Part of me is screaming “yes, yes, yes!!!,” but the other part of me, who has already run out of prop storage in her own spacious apartment, is like “no way.”  They are adorable regardless. 

How gorgeous is this wallpaper?  I know it would make the prettiest nursery, but I am not entirely ruling it out as a bathroom possibility.  

I thought this was a fun read!  I liked matching up our budget to the recommended estimates.  It felt like a BuzzFeed quiz, but it seemed more meaningful than knowing which flavor of popsicle I am. Our monthly spending fell in between the thrifty and low cost categories for two adults, which surprised me.  I buy plenty of food and we typically have company once a week but usually have no problem staying within our budget.  I had actually considered it one of our more generous categories, so this made me feel a little better.  

I am thinking of adding a couple of these jars to my kitchen.  My pantry space is limited here at Norwyk Manor, and I think bringing out a few of my pantry essentials, such as chocolate and oats, would clear up some shelving space and bring some extra pretty to my counter space.  

We were just gifted a patio table and I am eager to begin bringing our outdoor space to life for quiet summer nights.  The table needs a coat of paint, and I’m eyeing this hue.  I am thinking in the realm of Edison string lights, plenty of potted herbs, and dusty purple accents.  Thoughts?  As much as I am not a fan of the summer heat, I do love having dinner outdoors on those warm, slow-going evenings.

How are your weekend plans shaping up?  I hope you are planning to bake cinnamon rolls, I really do.  Every weekend needs a good dose of cream cheese and carbs.  

Happy, happy Friday!


Pedantic Foodie.