Good morning! 

Welcome to this fine, mid-March Saturday.  I hope you already have your second cup of something warm and wonderful in hand.  I’m sending all the donut vibes your way. 

Let’s talk it out, Saturday-style. 

COFFEE TALK {Pedantic Foodie}

This is my new favorite teapot. I snatched it up last week and I am IN LOVE!  It is the perfect size for two and it cleans up so easily.  Mr. Pedantic and I primarily drink loose teas, so the fine mesh diffuser makes all the difference.  It was certainly the best $9 I have spent in a long time! 

While I was in beautiful IKEA-land, I also snatched up a package of these biscuits.  I am very much annoyed that I only bought one because they are so darn good and they make afternoon tea even more exciting. 

I sewed the first few stitches of my llama last night and I am so excited.  I’m also slightly concerned because her face may be a bit crooked.  Oops. 

Have you discovered the portrait camera setting on your iPhone?  Mr. Pedantic and I sat in a gelato shop for a half hour last Sunday taking pictures of each other and gasping in awe over the results.  I really love my iPhone 7.  #notsponsored

I am absolutely trying these french fries within the next few weeks.  In the past, I have made many a batch of french fries that took 3+ hours to soak, fry, and fry again.  I swore I was done with homemade french fries, but Deb has convinced me to give them a second chance.  

I am also intrigued by this bread.  Thoughts? 

In other news, I had my first iced coffee of the year yesterday and I am really happy about that. 

What does your weekend hold? 


Happy, happy Saturday!


Pedantic Foodie 

This post was not sponsored. All of the products mentioned above were bought by me and all opinions are my own, as always.