Can we take a few minutes to talk about how I am really, really not into February?

COFFEE TALK {Pedantic Foodie}

While it does bring about one of my favorite holidays, it is without fail one of the dreariest months, and one that I always wind up dragging myself through.  January, though it is grey and Christmas-less, is full of promise.  We are eating well, drinking green things, and keeping those adorable color-coated planners up to date.  Then, February arrives and we wonder how we ever had the energy to make a lunch that involved more than M&Ms and tortilla chips.  I think that when you cross the February border all of your energy is suddenly zapped for the next 28 days, or maybe it is just that I have had a lingering cold for about six weeks.  Bleh. 

So, Valentine's Day.  To say I'm excited about this Valentine's Day would be quite the understatement.  What's your game?  Are you going with a cozy dinner at home or braving the crowds for a no-clean-up-required night out?  Are you actually celebrating on Valentine's Day, or waiting until the weekend?  Either way, I really hope he brings you a truly fantastic cupcake and stays clear of anything with "plush" in the name.  If I see one more teddy bear holding a heart I might just scream...

For our first Valentine's Day as Mr. & Mrs., we plan on going to one of our favorite restaurants, sitting at our very favorite table, and maybe seeing a movie.  And no, not that movie.  Please no. 

I loved the idea of having a romantic meal at home, but I knew I would end up spending an hour or so cleaning up afterwards.  I am trying to get better at prepping and getting most of the cooking and clean up done in advance but...well, I'm not quite there.  I need to figure it out though because these napkins would be just perfect for an intimate dinner at home.  I think I need them. 

Our favorite doughnut shop just closed.  The doughnut shop that happened to be on our way to church.  The doughnut shop that we visited on every special occasion we could.  The doughnut shop that made the very best Boston Cream donut.  I'm so sad and now I cannot even have a doughnut to cheer me up. #pathetic 

I tried this chocolate cake Tuesday night when Mr. Pedantic’s family visited.  Other than my bumping into the oven door and causing the center to completely sink in, it was delicious.

On that note, what is the secret to swiss buttercream?  Please tell me.  I tried it this past week, on the fallen chocolate cake, but it was far from the light, airy frosting I’d imagined.  Do not mistake me, it was delicious, but it was heavy and very thin.  Sort of like cornstarch mixed with water, in that it looked stiff until I scooped it out.  Thankfully, no one besides myself knew how wrong it really was.  Fake it till you make it! (Or until your in-laws leave and you cry about being a total mess to your husband.)  Oh, I also stuck a fork into my finger right as they arrived.  I still don't know how.

Moving on... 

Sprinkles.  I’m on a sprinkle kick right now.  I keep picking up my phone and scrolling through page after page of sprinkles.  I pretty much want all of these.  Can I get a sprinkle subscription please? 

Speaking of subscriptions, what are your thoughts on that trend?  I have been so tempted to try some of them, especially the cosmetic boxes, but then I realize I’d be spending $40 for a box of stuff I will probably love and then be required to keep buying, or hate and then feel guilty for buying.  Welcome to my brain.  This is why it takes me three months to buy a dress. 

I finally got tired of throwing away greens and did the unthinkable.  I googled for help.  The Kitchn had some words for me and next week I’m buying myself a plastic bin just for green-preservation.  Here’s to hoping slimy spinach is forever behind me. 

It might not be as exciting as a sock subscription, but these are my favorite pastry bags and that box lasts foreverrrrr!  I’m about to place my next order because my supply is just about empty - the box I bought five years ago!  It's so nice to just throw the greasy bags right into the trash without guilt. 

Joy the Baker has me crushing hard on Luna Skye jewelry right now.  I’m smitten with this necklace and these cluster rings.  

This pizza.  Game over. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!  Drink lattes, eat donuts, and stay clear of those February blues. 


Pedantic Foodie