Yep, I did it.  The evidence was on Instagram so you know it’s official.  I finally made a unicorn cake - six layers of the most cloying sweet rainbow you ever did see.  I still hate making cakes, but I hated this one a lot less because, ah - it’s just so cute! 

COFFEE TALK {Pedantic Foodie}

New things are happening.  Sometimes it does not feel like they are, but they are nonetheless.  I step back and see changes in myself.  I watched this music video earlier this week and cried.  Right at 1:03pm I sat at my desk and cried.  Why?  I do not do that sort of least, I didn’t.  Are newlywed hormones a thing?  I really hope so because that would make me feel better about crying SO EASILY at every little sentimental thing since the wedding. 

I am thinking (read: begging Mr. Pedantic) about getting a bunny.  I’m home alone for the greater part of each week and I want someone to talk at.  I do not need it to talk back, I just need a listener and someone to occasionally make me feel needed.  Ice cream just hasn’t been cutting it lately. 

I made this salad for dinner last week and it was SO GOOD!  I have recently become a huge honey mustard fan. 

These are the prettiest sodas I ever did see. 

All my shoe dreams came true this week and then died within three hours because they instantly sold out.  These are the times when I really wish I was an impulse-buyer.  Maybe I'll just have to "settle" for these dreamy darlings.  I feel like a faux-sporty look is in my future, and I like that.

My mom has been trying to push me into her Aldi’s obsession for months and I have resisted…until now.  Now I am joining the band of reusable-grocery-bag-toting fans and keeping a quarter in my car at all times.  While it may not be able to compete with the charm of Trader Joe’s, if Food52 is on board, it must be hip.  

I've been thinking it is time to make croissants again.  Maybe almond this time?

What are your plans for this weekend?  I'm really looking forward to cleaning out the vehicles with Mr. Pedantic, which sounds frightfully boring...especially when it is typed out.

Happy, happy Friday!


Pedantic Foodie