We made it! 


It was a doozy of a week but we trudged through and now here we are, another Friday, ready to begin a much-needed mozzarella stick marathon.  It is perfectly allowed because on Monday I’ll be kicking back into gear with another salad recipe.  Around here, it is all about balance. 

Let me tell you about the magic of homemade mozzarella sticks.  Last week, I had a pan of these in my refrigerator, waiting to be fried up for Mr. Pedantic’s game night.  Now, I’m obsessed.  I never even liked mozzarella sticks, but I have not stopped thinking about them since.  It's the super-crunchy double coating of panko that grabs my heart.  This afternoon I’m making a double batch. 

Because of my recent mozzarella stick romance, I’m seriously considering purchasing a fryer.  I have always done the stove-top thing, but that also happens to be the reason I HATE frying.  The mess alone is enough to deter me, not to mention the huge amounts of oil I always end up throwing away.  I borrowed my mom’s miniature fryer last week and within five minutes of plugging it in, my oil was hot and ready to go.  The mess?  Well, it was pretty nonexistent.  I was sold!  I’ve got my eye on this model

Did you know you could buy assorted boxes of speciality sprinkles?  It’s like a tackle box, but for cupcakes.  I’m thinking I need a bottle of the purple pony party sprinkles for my Valentine’s day baking, not that I have any idea of what that will involve yet, but there is always room for sprinkles.

I made this spaghetti carbonara earlier this week and it was perfection.  I added peas in an attempt to get some green stuff into Mr. Pedantic.  AND…*drumroll* it worked!  He’s not really a vegetable guy so I take what I can get. 

Are you watching Victoria?  You really should be.  Every winter I return to all my historical dramas for a good dose of romance, scandal, and backstabbing - it always feels cozy to me. 

Did you know that EOS makes shimmer lip balm now?  I'm probably really late in discovering this, but it made my whole year, and it’s only January. 

So, confession time.  I’ve never tried matcha anything.  I know, I’m not sure how I dodged that fad, but I did, and I was not really too cut up about that.  However, this vibrant concoction has got me curious.  Will you try it if I do?  I need moral support when it comes to drinking green things with marshmallows on top. 

I’m planning on surprising the mister with monkey bread tomorrow morning.  Do you remember monkey bread?  Yeah, the wonderful cinnamon-covered the stuff your aunt used to make.  He’s never known the joy of pulling apart those gooey little bits of happiness and I think that needs to change. 

What are you up to this weekend?  Tell me all the things!


Pedantic Foodie