Welcome to this Friday.  Fridays are so full of promise, setting us right on the edge of the weekend - close enough to taste the adventures to come, but just distant enough for anything to seem possible. 

COFFEE TALK {Pedantic Foodie}


This is the beginning of a new weekly series that I am titling “Coffee Talk.”  It’s a compilation of all the things I would gush over if you and I were sitting down to chat over lattes.  It’s weekend plans, current obsessions, and likely of bit of Pinspiration.  I hope you love it.  

Now, before we begin, cream or sugar?  Both?  Okay good, I knew I liked you. 

These are currently sitting in my freezer, just waiting for their hot, oily fate.  They are destined for Mr. Pedantic’s guys game night, but I have secret dreams about eating them all myself this afternoon and leaving those boisterous boys with my sad bag of rejected veggie chips.

Fortnum & Mason's Breakfast Blend is basically the only tea you ever need to buy.  I discovered the wonder that is Fortnum and Mason while we were in London and I pretty much lost my mind.  I think we spent about four hours in that multi-leveled paradise, and that is a modest estimate.  Their teas have been the best we have ever sipped, and my then-skeptical husband is now very thankful that I insisted upon bringing back a suitcase full.   

In other news, I have become a total snob and refuse to drink tea with white sugar.  I know, I hate me too, but once you get used to the caramel-y notes of these dainty cubes, it’s hard to go back.   

Mr. Pedantic is trying to teach me to play Destiny but so far it has only resulted in me nearly knocking him unconscious with a controller and screaming profusely at the television.  For real though, I’m in it solely for the fancy costumes, which he tells me are known as “shaders.”  Only aliens stand between me and a dreamy sci-fi wardrobe.  The worst part is that I have to take frequent breaks otherwise I get motion sick.  Dork alert. 

This apron is pretty much a cocktail dress and I'm down with that.  

For the past couple years, I have tried to pick out very intentional Valentine's Day cards for Mr. Pedantic, and I am pretty sure this valentine is going to be the winner this year.  It says it all. 

I made these spring rolls years ago with my mom and we LOVED them, but for some reason we never made them again.  I have no idea why.  Lately, however, I cannot stop thinking about revisiting them.  I have a feeling that they will be ending up on next week’s menu.  I’m also really wanting to try my hand at Pad Thai.  I don’t know… For some reason all my cravings are Asian right now.

I made this for dinner Tuesday night and…it just didn’t thrill me.  I am thinking that it needs an extra dose of brown sugar and maybe some pineapple juice?  

I bought a lovely, canvas-bound edition of this book while we were in London because my You’ve Got Mail-loving heart could not resist.  My sweet daddy gifted me several other volumes from the series for Christmas and I cannot get enough of these charming stories.  They are the perfect no-fuss winter reads.  True, they might fall more into the children’s genre, but their unadulterated sweetness will capture your heart. 

I’m going to try my hand at a Unicorn cake next month and I am already nervous.  I think the horn (is it called a horn?) is going to be made out of a sugar cone dipped in white chocolate.  If I have to knead gum paste the game is over. 

What are your plans this weekend?  I am hoping to finish up the office-organization project that has been going on for the past several weeks, and will definitely be making a cheesecake.  Catch all the creamy, graham-cracker-y action on my Instagram stories.


Happy, happy weekend! XOXO


Pedantic Foodie