The Weekend...

We all know at least one of those obnoxious souls who is forever claiming to perfectly understand the bits of life of about which they know nothing.  Indulge me for a moment, because I am about to become one of them.

My analogy is made in ignorance, but I am going to stand by it all the same. 

I feel like I am now in my last trimester of pregnancy.  About ten months ago a wedding was conceived and it has been growing slowly, but surely, over this past year - consuming my thoughts and my world because I know that a very great and eminent change lays on the horizon that is October 21st. 

Now that most of the preparations have been made, the books read, the appropriate individuals consulted and booked, my mind is flooding with questions.  Am I really ready for this?  I'm so excited.  SO EXCITED!  What am I missing? I know I must be missing something...  Do we know what we are doing?  Of course we don't!  What were we thinking?  Oh this is all so wonderful, I'm so happy... But WAIT!  Maybe I should change the entire wedding color scheme.  Yeah, that's a good idea...  What if I fail miserably at wifehood?  Tears and smiles, smiles and tears.

You get the idea... I'm pretty sure pre-wedding hormone highs are a thing. 

Amidst the wedding planning, this weekend we began packing and unpacking, as we unlocked the door to our very first home early Saturday morning.  We now have a little over five weeks to get this space move-in ready, and while that figure seemed roomy two months ago, I can see the days flying by before my eyes.

Thankfully, my mother is a painting fairy and in the first several hours of it being ours, the dull walls were already beginning to feel like home.  Two trips to target, three large pizzas (our favorite joint is now three minutes away), and a whole lot of clorox wipes later, we are making progress.  You can follow along and watch the progress on Instagram

What did you do this weekend?  Also, please tell me all the things I am probably forgetting to buy/do, I know I'm missing things. 

Happy Monday! 


Pedantic Foodie