One Month...

It's real.  For the first time, it feels like this great, fast-approaching event, that has been nearly a year in the making, might be more than just a dream with a Pinterest board.  Yesterday, as I bid my last goodbyes to summer, we hit the one month mark.  

One Month {Pedantic Foodie}

Over the weekend, my dear aunt helped us assemble the first of our major decorations and my heart took a deep sigh of relief when it really did look beautiful.  Up until now, we have had flowers, sequins, and candlesticks scattered about and I have held my breath and hoped that it would all come together in a seamless, cohesive design. 

Now, I sit at my computer flipping through tab after tab of wedding programs.  Literally hundreds of them.  Yet somehow, I still have not found exactly what I had envisioned.  Whyyyyy?  I think I'm a little picky. 

This week, I shot my last pre-wedding recipe with my mother.  It's a very special recipe, with very special memories and I cannot wait to share it with you.  The coming six-week hiatus of testing, baking, and photographing has been months in the making, but now it's done.  Mind you, I still have so many pictures to edit, posts to write, and recipes to type up, but the most daunting portion of the task is done.  And I already miss it.  

My fiancé might finally have his outfit figured out.  Who knew it would take eleven months to find a dusty-blue bow tie?

I do not know what's happening.  Some mornings I wake up and gaze across the room to my little wedding countdown and it feels real.  I know and believe that so much of the reality that I have known for the past twenty-one years will be turned upside-down, and yet so much will stay the same.  Other mornings I wake thinking that I have not woken at all, but am still heavily immersed in the most wonderful of impossible dreams.  It's all very bizarre in the happiest of ways.

I want to soak up these last four weeks, but at the same time I cannot wait for the day to finally arrive.  I'm filled with excitement as my fingers bounce about this keyboard like timid feet across hot coals.  One month.  ONE MONTH!  

I'm a very lucky lady. 


Pedantic Foodie