Favorite Fall Recipes

Happy October!!  It’s really Autumn now.  We are over half way through our first full week of the most wonderful season and it’s time to start talking about pumpkin and cinnamon-scented everything.  Of course, I’ve kind of been doing that since September 1st, but that’s beside the point.  This is the obligatory “best fall recipes” post that every single food blogger does.  I nearly threw my hands up and refused this year, but cliche though they be, I actually like these posts.  A whole slew of baked, roasted, pureed, autumn recipes in one post?  I’m not mad at it. 

Let’s begin.  You could just end right here because this autumn caramel corn is just about all the crunchy, caramel-y happiness you need for the next two months.  Eat the whole batch alone and don't regret it one little bit. 

Fall is for cozy, comforting, down-right classic breakfasts.  Like biscuits and gravy.  Oh, but not just any biscuits and gravy - white cheddar biscuits with black pepper pancetta gravy.  These are good words.  The gravy overlords are looking down on us and they are like “Dang. That’s some fine lookin’ gravy.”  I like to imagine them as southern versions of Roman gods.  This brain of mine…I’m sorry. 

Oh! Oh! And you should make this spicy pumpkin hot chocolate too!  We all need a little chocolate with our breakfasts. 

Have you ever made sweet potato biscuits?  You really, really should.  Especially layered with ham and honey butter.  Unless of course you hate things that taste wonderful.  Yeah, then you would not like them at all… 

I tell you to try this stew every. single. year.  Please do it.  It’s amazing and I want your palate to be made happy by its tender beef and sweet, soft sweet potatoes.  Incidentally, I’m serving this gem at my wedding.  That’s about how much I love it. 

Pumpkin marshmallows might just make the best s’mores ever.  Ooh, or you could float them atop a cup of that spicy pumpkin hot chocolate!  YES!  Why have I never done that before now?

I feel obligated to talk about Game Day food at least a little bit.  In the midst of the yelling at tv screens and raging testosterone, you should escape to the kitchen and make yourself a batch of soft pretzels; sharing is optional.  You’ll forever be a pretzel snob after experiencing the wonder of a freshly baked soft pretzel.  

If you really want to live it up, these pretzel dogs with beer cheese sauce are pretty amazing.  The couch crew will love you forever…well, unless you accidentally walk in front of the tv. 

Lately I’ve been torn between the local doughnut shop and fitting into my wedding dress.  The wedding dress has to win for now, but afterwards I plan to binge on these baked pumpkin doughnuts.  Let’s salted-caramel-glaze the world. 

This bourbon caramel creme brulee has been my most popular recipe for years.  I’ll warn you now - the post is a perfect example of my early photography skills, or rather lack thereof.  But the recipe is pretty bonkers nonetheless.  Do not fear the custard. You can do it!  Water bath and all! 

Pasta is the best.  It’s an undeniable fact.  But it’s extra wonderful in the fall.  Especially if it’s covered in a creamy, butternut squash sauce.  This linguine with sausage and butternut squash is my sister’s favorite meal.  And she’s not even a pasta freak like yours truly. 

I could never, ever, begin to pick a favorite fall food, but molasses cookies are definitely in the top five.  Especially when they are drizzled with apple cider caramel.  Oh yes. 

Two years ago a cute boy stopped by my house on his way to work and I handed him one of these apple turnovers, along with an index card wishing him a wonderful day.  That card still sits on his desk and in twenty days I will marry that boy.  I got a husband in exchange for a turnover.  That my friends, is the power of homemade puff pastry. 

Is it too early to start freaking out about turkey and cranberries?  Never.  Thanksgiving sandwiches

Happy, happy fall!  Turn up the Mumford & Sons, light those pumpkin candles, and start baking up autumn! 


Pedantic Foodie