75 Days...

Yesterday we hit the seventy-five day mark.  It feels like but a few hours ago that we were celebrating the much-anticipated “hundred day milestone.” The days have been long, warm, and deeply meaningful, but they have also passed with uncanny rapidity.  Unfortunately, my to-do list seems to grow rather than shrink, but I am trying to enjoy the process.  There is just so much.  So much beyond the wedding that must be done before that hallowed day. 

However, despite the looming tasks, we took the weekend off from wedding planning and made our way up to the orchard where he proposed nine months ago.  We ate our fill of peach donuts and cider slushies and worked on a peach sorbet recipe together the next day. It was a much-appreciated reprieve. 

75 days... {Pedantic Foodie}

Once again I have been reminded that the even the best made plans cannot save one from eventually reaching the point of exhaustion.  I have woken with a headache nearly every morning for a month now and that is simply because I’ve been incapable of shutting down this brain and getting myself to bed before midnight most nights.  It has become a horrible, irresponsible habit, but I am determined to break it this month.  Of course, I am writing this post at 10:06pm, so you can see how well that is going. 

We have signed a lease.  It’s official.  We have our home and will open the door for the first time September 10th.  That gives me six weeks to paint, and unpack, and make those white walls into a home for us newlyweds to finally move into on October 21st. 

We have found the groomsmen pants…I think.  They are not yet ordered, but I think I finally found the right shade of khaki.  Geez, who knew there were so many?

I have been baking/testing/shooting my hands off in an attempt to be able to give myself the month of October off from blogging.  Well, that side of it anyways.  

My first hair “trial” took place several weeks ago and after two and a half hours we had it just about perfect.

I have been testing the bag full of goodies I got from Sephora at the beginning of last month and have fallen in love with a few new things.  Right now, I am in love with this mascara and this illuminator.  I love the shimmer!  I'm planning to share my entire “wedding day look” once I’ve got it all nailed down and finalized. 

The next item on the agenda is addressing invitations and designing the programs.  I am definitely shoving all the addressing work off on my mother, because her calligraphy skills are far superior to my own. 

Amidst the emails and the phone calls, the fiancé and I have been watching The Great British Baking Show and I love this year’s challenges and competitors even more than last year’s.  And thank goodness for no baked Alaska drama. 

Two and a half months.  Two and a half months.  How?  My heart is very full today.


Pedantic Foodie