100 Days...

We fantasized about this day when it still lay a far off in the hazy, dreamlike future.  We spoke of it in giddy whispers, and elated imaginings of how we'd celebrate, at what point we would be in our looming to-do list, and how it would feel when only one hundred days stood between us and forever. 

While this milestone feels significant, it is simply another marker along the winding journey that is nearly bursting at the seams with busyness, excitement, anticipation, and emotion.  It has been so much fun - some of the most wonderful weeks and months of my life, but in the background lies the quiet, but nonetheless present, overwhelming feelings.  Wedding details aside, there is the fear of change, the pain of packing, and trepidation for the weeks ahead that beg for answers to questions I have not even asked myself yet.  But, it is good. 

100 Days... {Pedantic Foodie}

I've been archiving blog posts in hopes that preparation will save me from insanity come October.  I have been trying to drink more water than ice coffee, which is going...I don't want to talk about it.  I have spent more time at the doctor's office than the beach.  I have learned that my fear of losing the control I do not actually have, has the power to destroy myself and take much of the glimmer out of this joyous relationship I have the privilege of being in.  I have been consciously trying to convince myself to pry open those tightly-wound fists of mine and just...wait. 

As far as the checklist is concerned....

My sweet mama and I have nearly finished my veil and my much-anticipated hair comb is waiting at the Post Office for me.  Eeek! 

I have almost figured out my "wedding day makeup" makeup, thanks to a very chic Sephora consultant who turned me into a die-hard lipliner-lover over the course of our forty-five minute tête-à-tête.  She also managed to convince me that I absolutely needed a lot of fancy things that came in pretty bottles.  I am still going through samples and trying to nail down the products I will actually be working into my everyday routine, along with those that will be just for the "big day."  If I can get a good handle on that list, I hope to share my favorites with you soon! 

I keep finding paint on my legs from all the furniture that has been painted, and repainted, over the past several weeks.  I have been trying to match my newly acquired dresser and nightstand to an antique vanity that I had snatched up at a consignment shop.  Seven cans and samples of paint later, I finally found the match.  If you are in the market for blueish-gray paint, I'm your girl.

The last part of our honeymoon has been booked and now we just have to find the perfect traveling bag.  Something that will hold all the things I need (camera, lip gloss, granola bars, train tickets...), but in a fashionable, slightly masculine facade, so that the fiancé will be willing to carry it.  Sneaky?  Not at all!  My Mama likes to call that "resourceful."

I have celebratory ice cream to eat.  I'll be back soon with more nostalgic, romantic, stress-sprinkled ramblings.  Love you, bye!


Pedantic Foodie