Summer Bucket List [ 2016 edition ]

1. Make Brioche.  I just bought this book (it had been on my Amazon list foreverrrrrr) and now brioche is definitely happening.  I have only made it once in my life and it was good, but not incredible.  I am determined to reach incredible by the end of August. 

2. Go on more picnics.  I have yet to go on a picnic this year and just typing that makes me sad.  The fiancé's allergies have been extra icky this year, so we have had to hold off, but I am determined to soak in a few long, Summer nights with brie and berries before the Summer comes to a close. 

3. Give pies (or some manner of sweet, baked treats) to random people for no particular reason.  Because I need to force myself to stop thinking about my own to-do lists and focusing on making the kind humans around me smile. 

Summer Bucket List {Pedantic Foodie}


4. Treat myself to a pedicure and try an adventurous color for once I actually checked this one off the list last week with my sweet sister.  I was brave and went for a lovely shade of aqua with gold glitter (because, always glitter) and I love it.  (See the evidence above.)  I finally resisted all 327 different shades of pink. 

5. Take a few mornings to just relax...and then go out for a belated breakfast that hopefully involves fried chicken and/or chocolate chip pancakes.  Even if that means missing the Farmer’s Market once in a while.  Deep breaths, you can do that sometimes.

6. Make multiple batches of this ice cream Because it tastes like cinnamon rolls and I die of happiness every time.  

7. Go berry picking and bake a blueberry pie.  Why have I never baked a blueberry pie?  Oooh, could I serve the pie with the cinnamon ice cream?  Please say yes. 

8. Take a weaving class and learn how to make those cute wall-hanging things everyone is suddenly posting all over InstagramMy sister and I are planning to start this one soon.  The results will be shared, no matter how hideous or tangled they are. 

9. Preserve at least one thingI am debating between sweet pickles and jam at the moment.  I feel like having jars of preserved Summer flavor in my pantry will make me feel like a very good wife come November when I feel overwhelmed by all that will have changed, and all that I'll likely be doing wrong.  It is the little things that can pick up my confidence. 

10. Go on a few new and inventive dates with the fiancéWe get in ruts.  Often.  But Summer is not the time for ruts, it's the time for evening trips to the seaside and new, bold, and adventurous ice cream flavors.  

11. Plan a wedding. Oh yeah, that.  Hmm... I think that is more of a to-do list item now that I think of it...

Happy Summa-Summatime!  Please share what’s going on your bucket lists this Summer in the comments!  


Pedantic Foodie