10 Ways to Avoid the Winter Funk

I've noticed that much of this world has been bogged down with the Winter blues.  It's a yucky, formidable monster that attacks between January 2nd - and somewhere in April - at least in my vicinity.  The days are grey, the daily grind is more monotonous than ever, and it's easy to feel kind of...bleh.  

But, Spring is coming! Pretty colors are coming!  Let's get happy! 

{Pedantic Foodie}

Here are my top ten suggestions for avoiding the funk and making these last few days of Winter something to celebrate! 

  1. Buy yourself a coloring book.  This is a "treat yourself" moment that will last longer than a venti frappuccino and comes without the regret. 
  2. You could eat a bowl of this soup and super chill while binge watching I Dream of Jeannie

  3. Make these cookies and drink a giant glass of chocolate milk.  Then, call your friend and have her help you make the second batch because you accidentally ate the first all by yourself. Oops.

  4. Buy yourself flowers and sketch them over a cup of coffee. 

  5. My sister is always making fancy hair masks like this one.  Though her hair is undeniably soft and shiny, I lack the motivation to cover my hair in mushy avocado, so I just make guacamole instead.  But, you know, if you’re feeling adventurous…

  6. Try your hand at a semi-daunting recipe.  I highly recommend this one.  Or this one.  Inviting a friend over to join you in the challenge would also be an excellent idea.  Work leisurely, taste-test frequently.

  7. Have a takeout picnic with your sweetheart and try to go one full hour without electronics.  Yes, Instagram will move on without you, but it’s okay.

  8. Make yourself an indulgent breakfast.  Like these crepes.   Oh, and have you seen this trend?  I’m suspicious at best, but I think I’ll give it a try anyways.  For science, you know. 

  9. Treat yourself to a new magazine subscription.  Here are a few of my long-time favorites, as well as a few from my wish list.  

    Cereal Magazine - I’ve been dying to get my hands on a copy ever since I started following their Instagram

    Kinfolk - It’s an afternoon escape that lifts you from the clutter of life and into the happiest of happy places. 

    Gather Journal - I really want to give this one a try at some point. 

    Martha Stewart Living - I just added this one to my monthly reading list. 

    Bon Appetit - An old favorite. 

  10. Make s'mores indoors and pretend like your living room is a campground, without the mosquitoes and humidity. 

Let’s try to bring some fun into our lives this week!  March is full of promises.  Promises of pretty flowers, longer days, and cute sandals.  Happy, happy Wednesday! 


Pedantic Foodie


This post was not sponsored, nor did I receive anything for citing the products above - I just happen to really like them!  There are, however, a few affiliate links to some of my favorite Amazon finds.