Two Weeks...

Two weeks.  As I typed that my stomach did a backflip.

Two Weeks {Pedantic Foodie}

Excited.  Anxious.  Nervous.  Unsure.  Enchanted.  Dazed.  It’s all happening. 

I am striving to be present, but instead I find myself in a near-constant dazed and robotic state.  It still does not feel real.  Friends ask me what I have done, and what is left to be done, and I have no answers.  There is just so much that I have no time to list or explain, I simply do.  Wake, eat, work, and alternate between squeals of joy and tears of utter exhaustion.  

I’ve given up on the idea of keeping the massive amounts of “stuff” contained, and so my room slowly grows smaller and more overtaken with each day that passes.  The strange part is, I'm okay with that.  This is from the lady who used to iron her sheets before bed.  Yikes!  Hopefully these are steps to becoming more balanced.

In two weeks, I will be wearing the most beautiful dress I have ever seen, hugging so many dear and much-missed friends and relatives, and smiling more than I ever have before.  In just over two weeks I will be on a plane, darting through the air for my much-anticipated honeymoon. Those promises fill my heart to the brim.  

The marriage license has been obtained, the programs ordered, the dress altered, the thank you gifts bought and wrapped, and the suitcases (halfway) packed. The tasks are becoming fewer as the days slip away.  My pursuit to hold onto these moments is much like trying to grasp at a wet bar of soap.  The countdown blocks are moving so fast and my mind cannot seem to keep up with them.  

Today is my last day of work.  Well, of the work that requires me to leave my home each morning. I am looking forward to trying to get to bed at a more decent hour and beginning my tasks before the sun shows her face.  There’s lots to be done, and so much to be savored.  I do not want to miss a single, beautiful moment of the next fourteen days. 

For now, I get to go care for my now wisdom-toothless fiancé.  Mostly we are just eating a lot of this soup, which happens to be ahhhmazing!  

Thank you so very for joining me on this journey.  More wedding memories/mayhem coming soon.  Oh, and food too.  This is a food blog, after all. 


Pedantic Foodie