I believe one of the rules of being a change-hater is that the same things that excite you also have the tendency to freak you out.  I have talked before about my distaste for change and if you have spent any significant amount of time around this site, you will know that I have a challenging time when it comes to, ahem, adjusting to new facets of life.

Though I have been embracing newness a bit more eagerly as of late, it has not made change any less frightening.  Some mornings I open my eyes and my heart feels so full of joy that I am ready to leap out of my bed and into whatever life has to offer me, while other mornings I want to hide under the covers and hope against hope that everything scary will somehow disappear.  


On the less exciting mornings, the importance of a good breakfast cannot be overstated.  So, in case you, like me, are a bit leery to dip your toes into the cold, intimidating water that is life, I have complied a list of my favorite ways to begin the day.  

I shared a very decadent breakfast offering with you earlier this week and it got me thinking about breakfast and how I should make more time to cook/bake it and enjoy it.   Mornings are so sweet and the way we begin the day truly affects the way we will live it.  

This simple brûléed grapefruit is a lovely treat and it is so easy to whip up.  No batters to stir or flour to measure, this truly is no-fuss breakfasting.

This lemon french toast is rich while also being refreshing.  The lemon zest adds brightness and the strawberries cut through the richness.  It truly is a perfect balance and a wonderful way to begin your day.  

Remember these roasted strawberry cinnamon rolls?  If you have not made them yet then I highly recommend that you make these lovely sweet rolls your weekend project.  They are sweet, fluffy, and full of roasted berries.  Cinnamon rolls are always, always, always a good idea.

Oh, and if cinnamon is not your thing you should try these raspberry lemon sweet rolls, they’re pretty fantastic.  My favorite part is the lemon curd...oh my goodness. 

I really love a good muffin, or six, and these black cherry almond muffins with cinnamon streusel topping are probably my favorite of all the muffins that have ever come out of my oven.  They are moist, cakey, and they have a sweet, crunchy topping.  Pop them into the oven, make a pot of coffee, and you’re good to go!

These sweet buttermilk biscuits with cinnamon almond honey butter are light and fluffy and everything that a biscuit should be.  Also, the cinnamon butter is everything. 

I love pancakes and these blueberry ricotta pancakes are definitely some of my favorites.  They have sweet little pockets of ricotta throughout and I love biting into the rich creaminess.

Happy Friday friends!  I hope that you are all able to take some time to breakfast this weekend!



   The Pedantic Foodie