{ The 1st Meal } A Conclusion

It’s December.  How did that happen?  Wasn’t it September just twenty minutes ago?  We are just a few short weeks away from the new year.  A new year, with new recipes, new inspiration, and a new series.  Although we have a few weeks left in this beautiful year, it is time for one series to come to a close. 

I began The 1st Meal series back in the beginning of Fall and I have had so much fun creating recipes for it each week.  Some of them were a bit over the top, some were pure and simple, but all were undoubtably delicious.  

We have twenty-seven mornings left in 2015 to eat as many chocolatey, streusel-covered, and cranberry-studded breakfasts as we can bake!  If you missed some of The 1st Meal entires, or need some refreshment, I have compiled a list of all the entries below.  

If you are looking for something quick to make for that hoard of holiday company, these muffins will not let you down.  Make a double batch, as they have a naughty tendency to “disappear” before your company has a chance to find their way out to the kitchen.  Oops.  

“I was just making sure they were good…”

The inspiration for this Turtle French Toast was twofold.  I have long-admired Jessica's blog, How Sweet It Is, and her superpower to create over-the-top, ridiculously wonderfully decadent recipes, and I was longing to create something absurdly indulgent of my own.  My other inspiration was the product of eating too many Quin's Turtle Caramels and trying to contrive an excuse to eat them for breakfast.  

I think I would be perfectly content to eat Biscuits and Gravy for breakfast every day for the next five years.  These biscuits are fluffy and packed with sharp, white cheddar, and topped with a generous ladle of thick, creamy black pepper gravy and crispy pancetta.  Just make me a biscuit bed and give me a hot tub full of gravy.  

I will take banana bread any time, any way.  These Banana Bread Pancakes are topped with a big ol’ spoonful of cinnamon pecan butter.  Game over. 

Though each breakfast recipe stands on its own, breakfast is not complete without a strong brew of your favorite tea.  In this post, I shared some of my favorite blends and tips for morning brewing. 

I hope that this series inspired to you move slowly, to soak in the mornings, to take your time enjoying your first meal - to begin well.


Pedantic Foodie