A list for Fall...

Forget the visions of sugar plums - pumpkin, cinnamon, and apples have been the only things dancing about in my head for the past week.  I simply cannot handle my own enthusiasm. 

If you are not a fellow lover of Fall I apologize in advance for my zeal, but, if you have been ogling oversized sweaters and pumpkin pie, this list is for you.  The internet is giving us some Fall gifts. 

a list for Fall {Pedantic Foodie}

These scones entered my life last Fall and they were definitely one of the best things to come out of my oven in 2013.  Can everything be covered in brown butter glaze?  Please?  

Perhaps you remember these doughnuts from last year.  Baked doughnuts are amazingly simple and ridiculously delicious.  Salted caramel glaze is battling brown butter glaze for the title of awesomeness.  

Apple cider doughnuts, could it really be Autumn without them?  

This salad is making a comeback in my life, I cannot get enough of it.  I think it might have something to do with the maple-roasted sweet potatoes.  

I am a huge fan of soft pretzels and these Spiced, Brown Butter Pumpkin Pretzels with Coffee Cream Cheese Icing make my heart stop a little.  These are definitely on my Autumn baking list.  

The Puffin in Bloom Collection is perfection.  I just received my copy of Little Women and it is even lovelier in person.  

Apple cider caramels are an annual must-have.  

This tea is my go-to blend.  It’s mild and sweet, and the perfect afternoon cup.  

Sarah’s instagram is perfection.  I love the sweet and simple way that she captures her life.  

Happy Weekending! 


 Pedantic Foodie