Walking boldly into summer…

I walked boldly into this season, ready to eat my weight in watermelon and wear shorts with confidence.  I also walked in with some expectations.  Expectations of reading a lot, replying to emails, and taking slow, relaxing mornings.  I have followed through with these goals so far and let me tell you, it feels good.  

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I've also been able to spend a bit more time perusing the great big world of The Internet, and I made you a list, because I'm always making lists.  

 1.  This cake is beyond adorable, and how easy?! 

2. Currently crushing on this necklace.

3. I need these popsicles in my life, right now.

4. This stationery set.  So good. 

5. I think we’re officially in chocolate dipped frozen banana season now.  

6. I might have screamed out loud when I found this tea at the market the other day.  Paris-flavored tea?  I’m in!  (Note: Paris tastes delicious.)

7. This bud vase house is irresistibly adorable.  I want.

Happy Tuesday Friends! 



  Pedantic Foodie