Running back under the shade...

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I feel like a child cautiously dipping her toes into the pool and quickly pulling them out again when it comes to summer.  So many facets of the season are tempting, yet there is something that always makes me pull my toes right back out - namely, the heat.  

I usually end up running back under the shade.  I browse the internet, I make lists, I scroll and, scroll and, scroll.  

I just finished reading My Life in France by Julia Child.  Her sanguine perspective towards life and food exude from each page.  

Joy The Baker has her new book available for pre-order!  

Instagram is always a favorite pastime.  Can’t.  Stop.  Scrolling.  

If you don’t already follow Benjamin Hole, you need to.  His feed is a rustic masterpiece.  

Cory Burnsed and his wife Jade are the writers of Endlessly Enraptured - their feeds are just as lovely as their blog.  

I like to daydream about buying everything on my Pinterest boards.  Namely this watch.

I’m in love with this nail polish!

This book will definitely be joining my shelf very soon.  

I probably need more sunscreen.  Happy Monday! 



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