{ DEAR FRIEND } a project

Last week I told you about my resolution.  I also told you I had a project in the works that I could not wait to show you - well now it’s time. 

{ D E A R  F R I E N D }  a project

I am adding something new to this space.  Something I am calling the “Dear Friend” project.  It is my way of getting to know you by way of your mailbox.  

I mentioned in my resolution post that every one of us needs encouragement.  Few things encourage me like a handwritten letter.  That is why I have created a new page that will allow me to connect with you - my readers, on a whole new level.  From my desk to your mailbox.

This resolution means more to me than a vow made over glasses of champagne.  I believe that if we choose to form a habit of reaching out to those around us we can become better people.  And isn’t that the purpose of resolutions?

{ D E A R  F R I E N D }  a project

“Dear Friend” has been an idea of mine since I started dreaming up this space, and I am so glad to finally share it with you.  So write to me.  If you want to share your favorite biscuit recipe I would love to try it out!  I would love to invite myself into your mailbox - to write to you.  If you would like to correspond through pen and paper you can find out how to do so on my new page.  

Let’s reach out beyond our towns and workplaces this year.  Write and share with old friends and new ones, because in the end we are all just trying to make sense of this life.  



  Pedantic Foodie