Nerd Word Wednesday

aioli |īˈōlē, āˈō-|(also aïoli )


a sauce similar to mayonnaise, seasoned with garlic.

ORIGIN French, from Provençal 

There is a common misconception when it comes to aioli.  Many would state that it is simply mayonnaise seasoned with garlic.  But that would be severely undercutting the Provencal classic.  

It does indeed share several commonalities with mayonnaise, both in texture and in the fact that both are based upon the same technique - emulsion.  Both of these sauces are stabilized emulsions.  Mayonnaise commonly uses egg yolks for its stabilizing agent, while aioli depends primarily upon pounded garlic.  Garlic is whisked vigorously with olive oil until a stable emulsion is formed.  

Aioli can be used in many of the ways one would use mayonnaise, and it adds extra flavor to your everyday sandwich.  

Happy Wednesday!  


  Pedantic Foodie