FALL-ing in love all over again...

It was coming.  Then it started happening.  And now it has officially happened.  You can hear it, see it, smell it.  *insert drumroll*  It’s Fall.  It’s freaking, fabulous Fall.  For real.  I may get excessively enthusiastic about this season.  I may be a little obnoxiously loquacious about how much I look forward to this season ALL year long.  I may buy too many pumpkin, cinnamon and apple scented candles.  I may also sharpen pencils just so I can smell all the scholastic fragrance they release.  I’m just really excited to start loving this season once again.  

Here’s what I’m doing to celebrate.

I’m painting my nails oxblood red and creamy tan.  Essie, you get me every time.

essie nail lacquer

I’m eating these doughnuts.  Carbs meet apple cider in an oil hot tub - get into that business!

apple cider donuts

I’m making frequent visits to coffee shops, which as it happens, become ten times as charming when graced with a bit of Fall weather and a good book.


I earnestly hope you’re welcoming this season with as much enthusiasm as I am.  My “recipes-to-try” list is bursting with pumpkin, sage and apples and I can’t wait to share them with you.  Happy Fall!  



  Pedantic Foodie