Nerd Word Wednesday

au jus | ō ˈZHo͞os |


(of meat) with its own natural juices from cooking.

ORIGIN French 'with the juice.'


This term makes me very happy.  It makes me happy because it reminds me of one of my very favorite things to eat.  French Dips are what I think of when I see that something is served au jus.  Perhaps it’s because that was the first time I heard the term used, when I was being served what I would wager to be the best sandwich on the face of the earth.  And in the corner of the plate sat a humble little bowl.  In the vessel rested the cooking liquid that had been saved from the pan in which the beef (currently sliced and placed between a baguette) had been cooked. 

Of course, roast beef sandwiches are not the only food served au jus.  Roasted meats are often served this style.  It takes the place of a gravy, offering immense flavor and additional moisture.  

Americans often butcher this term by saying things like, “Would you like some au jus with that?” When, in fact, it should be stated as, “Would you like that served au jus?”  Let’s get it right.  



  Pedantic Foodie