Nerd Word Wednesday

muesli |ˈm(y)o͞ozlē|


a mixture of cereals (esp. rolled oats), dried fruit, and nuts, typically eaten with milk at breakfast.

ORIGIN Swiss German.

Foodie trends.  They’re a thing.  One minute we’re under appreciating popsicles and  next every blog, magazine and foodie has a freezer full frozen treats.  One of the more recent trends is something called “Muesli”.  Recipes for this breakfast dish are ubiquitous but what the heck is it?  Granola?  Oatmeal?  Cereal?  Actually it’s kind of all three.

Muesli is very much like granola studded with lots of dried fruit and toasted nuts and showered with milk.  It's a traditional German breakfast which has recently taken popularity here in the states.  It's loved for its nutritional values and customizable flavor profile.  Chia seeds and coconut make for some delicious additions.  Any way you like it muesli is a great way to start the day.   

Happy Wednesday!  



  Pedantic Foodie