Nerd Word Wednesday

It is really Wednesday already?  Yesterday was Tuesday, so I know it must be.  But although I got out of bed 7 hours ago, I’m still not fully awake.  I’m also terribly behind, which is why this is being posted at 1:00pm.  Can I blame my current state of tired-confusion on Summer too?  Yes, I blame everything that is currently distasteful about life on this season.  Summer is juxtapose relaxing, and relaxing does not work for me.  It makes me tired, unproductive, and ... tired -- did I already say that?  It’s true.  

Better late than never.  Here’s the Nerd Word for this week.  


creme anglaise /ˌkrem äNGˈglāz /


a rich egg custard, usually flavored with vanilla 

If you were to go look at a recipe for this classic sauce right now, you might think that you were looking at an ice cream recipe.  And you wouldn’t be wrong.  Creme Anglaise is, essentially, non-frozen ice cream.  

This custard is rich, to be sure, but thin and sauce-like rather than a pudding-style custard. 

The sauce is formed by tempering eggs and sugar in scalding milk.  Recipes will vary as to flavorings, and some recipes will also call for the addition of cornstarch.  

Creme anglaise is a perfect sauce to serve alongside pound cakes or over fruit-filled crepes.  

Happy Wednesday!  


  Pedantic Foodie