Nerd Word Wednesday

When I compare my calendar to my list of summer plans I feel slightly nauseous.  July 10th?  That can’t be right.  Why does Target already have school supplies out?  These things - these things are what keep me awake at night.  

lassi / lasē /


a sweet or savory Indian beverage made with a yogurt base

Part of the fun of summer is fancy beverages.  Drinks in mason jars with candy-colored paper straws, tacky Hawaiian umbrellas afloat in icy refreshments - it’s a piece of summer joy.  

Lassis are something special.  They are a bit like a smoothie in texture.  But even sweet versions are barely sweet which makes the drink more refreshing and palate-cleansing.  A perfect addition to the strong spices of Indian cuisine.  

Lassis typically contain yogurt, fruit or spices, ice, and a thinning agent such as buttermilk or coconut milk.  

Cheers to lassis!  Perhaps one of the most refreshing summer treats I know.  

Happy Wednesday!


   Pedantic Foodie