Nerd Word Wednesday

Happy June!  I feel like June is always a turning point.  It’s the time for watermelon seed-spitting contests and evening bike excursions.  It becomes summer.  What food is more representative of summer than a cone heaped with gelid creaminess.  Ice cream and gelato parlors are ubiquitous on boardwalks and we pile in ready to consume anything cold and redolent with the flavors of the season.  But, what’s the difference?  Ice cream vs. Gelato, what defines the contrast?  It’s time to find out.  

ice cream |ˌaɪs ˈkrim|


a soft frozen dessert made with sweetened and flavored milk fat.

-Ice cream base is made as a custard, using cream, milk and tempered eggs or egg yolks. 

-Ice cream is churned quickly to incorporate air and provide a fluffy quality to the overall texture. 


gelato |jəˈlätō|


an Italian-style ice cream which is lower in fat than traditional ice cream.   

-Milked based and often without eggs.  

-Churned slower than ice cream as to provide more of a dense texture.  


Ice cream or gelato, I am happy for anything to ease the summer heat.  Happy Wednesday friends!  



  Pedantic Foodie