Nerd Word Wednesday

Could we ever get tired of talking about butter?  No, the answer is no.  


beurre noisette /ˈbər nwäˈzet /


Butter cooked until it’s water boils off and the molecules in the milk sugars and proteins react with each other forming brown pigments.  The flavor is thereby deepened in richness and aroma.   

A sauce of melted butter cooked until golden brown, traditionally flavored with capers, herbs, lemon juice or vinegar.  


The French term literally translates as “hazelnut butter”. 

We talked about brown butter earlier this week when we made these cookies.  Brown butter was the star of this chocolate-chip wonder but that’s not the only starring role he has played. 

“Brown butter” or Beurre Noisette is also the name of a classic French sauce used by cooks since medieval times.  The sauce is classically served to enrich fish, brains, and vegetables.  

The simple brown butter becomes a sauce when balanced with a bit of acid and flavoring such as vinegar or lemon juice.  The acid must be added only after the butter has cooled below the boiling point, if added before the cold liquid would cause splattering and the lemon solids could potentially brown.  

Beurre Noisette can be equally unforgettable in both forms.  Wether you’re after a flavorful and savory sauce or a fancied-up cookie, brown butter has got you covered.  

Happy Wednesday Friends!  


  Pedantic Foodie