Nerd Word Wednesday

I’ve been in a pastry mood when I should really be in a green smoothie mood.  Unfortunately, I don’t get in blended spinach moods as often as I should.  Let’s go back to pastries.  

frangipane / ˈfranjəˌpān /


  an almond flavored cream or paste. 

  (or, a pastry filled with this)

Countless French pastry recipes call for the famous filling, Frangipane.    

Frangipane is a custard-like cream filling made with almond paste.  

The term dates back to the the 17th century and is thought to be originally derived from the word “Frangipani,” the name of a flower-producing shrub.  These flowers are said to have been used in the flavoring of the cream.  

Frangipane can be used to fill anything from cream puffs to tartlet shells.  

I really want cream puffs right now.  

Happy Wednesday!


  Pedantic Foodie