Nature's Delicacy...

In March I received my first issue of Kinfolk magazine.  After turning the first page all I could think was, “how have I never heard of this before”?

kinfolk and flowers

The experience is unlike any other printed journal I had ever read, seen, or felt.  If you have not had the Kinfolk experience you need to, right now.


This issue was choked full of prepossessing articles but one of my favorites was based on a “flower potluck”.  I was fully enthralled by the genius of the idea and reminded of how little attention I have given the flowers in my life - or rather lack there of.  I had forgotten flowers, but I was rediscovering how their dainty petals and wispy fragrance can bring life to a cluttered desk.


After deciding that I needed to add a bit of exterior into my interior I faced a dilemma - I’m not especially gifted when it comes to flower-arranging.  My mother is.  My mother is also good at painting, and several hundred other things which baffle my mind.  I can easily envision how I want my finished product to look, it’s the getting there that I have issues with.


I made up my mind to all resist urge to text my mom pictures and ask where I should place the jasmine, but decided I would play around and hope for the best.  Wildflowers seem less intimidating to me.  Perhaps it’s because they look carefree and relaxed and when tossed carelessly into a mason jar they stand placidly and act elegant.  That’s the kind of flower I can be friends with.


I may never be a florist, but I think I’m okay with that.  

Bring some of nature’s delicacy into your life.  


  Pedantic Foodie

P.S.  Kinfolk doesn’t pay me anything, I just really dig what they do.