Nerd Word Wednesday

May is coming closer and closer to its end and I seem to be watching helplessly as the days pass me by.  But we can sit here and talk about whipped cream for a while, it helps.  

pavlova /pävˈlōvə /

a dessert consisting of a meringue base or shell filled with whipped cream and fruit  

Pavlova’s namesake is none other than Anna Pavlova, a russian dancer, famous for her solo dance - The Dying Swan.

I have recently discovered this dessert and fell in love after the first bite.  The Pavlova’s meringue base is crunchy and airy, the whipped cream is delicate and berries are pilled high upon the cloud-like edible.  If an angelic goddess came into your kitchen and made you dessert, it would be pavlova.   

Pavlova - get into it.  


  Pedantic Foodie