Nerd Word Wednesday

I’ve always loved olives.  When I say always, I mean since I could chew solid food.  My grandmother fed me olives and I am almost positive that I was the only kid in kindergarten requesting olives for the intro to my birthday dinner.

Tapenade  /ˌtäpəˈnäd /


-a Provençal paste or dip, traditionally made from black olives, capers, and anchovies.

(can refer to any olive-based spread or dip)


My love for olives has made tapenade an instant favorite of mine.  It’s briny and acidic; versatile and refreshing.  

Lately the world of tapenade has been expanding.  It’s gone beyond the traditional French trio of olives, capers and anchovies.  Tapenade has been getting a face-lift.  Though the masterpiece required no changes,  I admittedly enjoy some of the newer concepts.  It’s still got olives, and that’s really all I need.    

Classic or Revamped - how ever you like it, this olive based spread deserves our attention.  

Dear Tapenade, I love you.  


  Pedantic Foodie