Nerd Word Wednesday

I like fancy.  I like a superfluous kind of fancy.  Fancy things that on any other day would seem rather dull, but today they transform into an anomaly.  

Think fluffy slippers studded with diamonds.  Golden coffee mugs.  Edible flowers on your pancakes.  It’s the unexpected fancy which seems to bring me the most joy. 

This week’s culinary term gives a fancy name to the most worn out and unappreciated appetizer.  Stereotypically formed from out-of-season vegetables and cheap, high-sodium dipping sauce - the vegetable platter is anything but elegant.  But it should not be so.  Vegetables in the raw state can be a truly special pre-dinner option when prepared with seasonal ingredients and carefully constructed vinaigrettes.  We can also give it a fancy kind of title.  That always helps.  

crudites /ˌkroōdəˈtā /

 plural noun

assorted raw vegetables served as an hors d'oeuvre, typically with a sauce into which they may be dipped

Let’s give our plate of vegetation another chance, shall we?  Ina Garten is great at making everyday fanciness happen.  Here is her recipe for a crudite platter taken to the next level.  

Give yourself some fancy this week.  


Pedantic Foodie