Spring Brunch

Last weekend I celebrated the coming of something new.  New life, new friends, new joy - all these sentiments that a new season inevitably brings.  


(picture by Rachel Coker Photography)

One of my newest friends and I spent a warm Saturday morning around a table of food, taking pictures, eating cake and singing along to Ingrid Michaelson.  

The blades of grass were still wet with the morning dew as we laid out our spread.  Our menu was a menagerie of mushroom risotto, vanilla layer cake and strawberry mascarpone scones (recipe coming soon!)


Spending time out of doors invites me to re-energize.  It makes the monstrosity of life’s stress blow around a bit with the wind.  Then, when the wind has released it's hold, it falls back down into our hands feeling lighter. 


A brunch is a wonderful excuse to eat cake at 10am.  But who needs an excuse?



   Pedantic Foodie