Nerd Word Wednesday

This week has been filled with leftover Easter cake and canceled appointments.  Let’s  forget our to-do list for a few minutes and learn something.  

car-pac-cio  / kärˈpä ch (ē)ō  /


An Italian hor d’oeuvre consisting of thin slices of raw beef or fish served with a sauce.  

Carpaccio is an Italian dish named after Vittore Carpaccio.  Vittore was an Italian painter known for his use of red pigments in his paintings.  These red canvases resembled the appearance of raw meat, making the title a fitting one.  

Carpaccio is most commonly prepared with pounded slices of raw beef.  But it is sometimes prepared with seafood or veal.  It is usually drizzled with a simple sauce and served as an appetizer.  

So, the next time you find carpaccio on your menu, try it out.  You might even impress your fellow diners by mentioning the history of Vittore’s namesake.  

Happy Wednesday!


  Pedantic Foodie