Nerd Word Wednesday

It’s mid-week again and time for us to take a break and learn something new.  Sauces - each food culture has so many that it sometimes seems impossible to memorize all of them and keep them straight.  Today we are talking about a fairly common sauce that is simple to prepare and pairs well with a variety of dishes.  

gastrique /gah-streek/

A gastrique is a sauce made by reducing caramelized sugar and vinegar.  As the sauce reduces it thickens, forming a thick syrup.  Gastriques are traditionally used in savory dishes.

Gastriques may use a good amount of sugar, but surprisingly, they are not overly sweet.  These sauces are savory, and are often paired with red meats or fish.  Some mixologists even use them in cocktails.  Gastriques are extremely versatile and simple to make.  

So, one sauce down only 1,356 left to go.  Happy Wednesday my friends!  


  Pedantic Foodie