Nerd Word Wednesday

 This week we will have several “nerd words” which share a commonality and are often confused with one another.  I speak of the loveliness which we spread upon our biscuits and toast.  Preserved fruits; edible masterpieces held in jars.  



a sweet spread or preserve made from fruit and sugar boiled to a thick consistency.


noun ( pl. -lies)

a sweet, clear, semisolid, somewhat elastic spread or preserve made from fruit juice and sugar boiled to a thick consistency.



a preserve with a thick consistency made from citrus, butter, eggs, and sugar.

The commonality amongst these terms is “preservation”.  Their differences lie mainly in consistency and viscosity.  Jams are made from whole fruits and sugar, forming a thick spread which may contain chunks of pulp or seeds from the fruit.  Jellies, on the other hand, are made from fruit juice.  They are clear and do not contain any pulp, seeds, or flesh of the fruit.  Jellies also have a gelatinous consistency that easily distinguishes them.  Curds are very thick and are made with various forms of citrus juice, cooked to a custard-like spread.  

I love them all, but if I had to pick, I’m with jam, strawberry preferably.  What’s your favorite?  

Happy Wednesday! 


  Pedantic Foodie