Nerd Word Wednesday

I fear spring is coming quickly upon us.  The air is fragranced with aromas of mulch and tulip bulbs, and the weather grows warmer by the minute.  I received the spring edition of Kinfolk magazine in the mail yesterday, and each morning seems to reveal another sign that the season is inevitably coming.  

Perhaps I would not dislike spring so much as I do now if it did not lead to the dread of my every, living year; summer.  Alas, I have resolved that the season shall not be stopped and I must bear this coming change with fortitude. 

Let’s talk about words now; the thought of summer makes me nauseous.  

spatchcock |ˈspa ch ˌkäk|


a chicken or game bird split open and grilled.

verb [ trans. ]

split open (a poultry or game bird) to prepare it for grilling.

Though this term may not be used frequently in our daily dining, it will sometimes appear in recipes or on restaurant menus.  

A bird which has been spatchcocked has been split down its back and has had its back and breast bones removed.  This method is sometimes referred to as “butterflying”.  Spatchcocking allows the bird to lay completely flat, opening it like a book.  This technique makes the bird suitable for grilling while also allowing it to cook faster and more evenly.  


Happy Wednesday my friends, hopefully you are enjoying this weather more than myself.  


 Pedantic Foodie