Nerd Word Wednesday

I want french toast right now, or any other form of chewable food.  My juice cleanse has been less than enjoyable, but today is my last day of misery and I will awaken tomorrow to excitedly devour anything and everything containing butter.  

sauté |sôˈtā; sō-|


1 [ attrib. ] fried quickly in a little hot fat : sauté potatoes.

Sauteing is a very commonly called-for cooking method.  It uses fat or oil at a high heat to brown the exterior of the food, and to develop and deepen it’s natural flavors.  This method is usually conducted through an oiled pan, heated  between 350-450 degrees F.  The oil provides uniform contact between the food and the heat source, while also adding flavor and preventing sticking.  

Sauteing is especially useful in cooking thiner cuts of meat or vegetables, rather than thicker portions.  When sauteing, it is important that the inside of the food is cooked before the outside overcooks.  For instance, the surface of a steak can dehydrate rapidly by the high temperature of the pan while the inner portion holds on to water.  Salt can be added to draw out excess moisture.  Beef, especially, should always be seasoned with salt and patted dry with a paper towel before it is introduced to heat.  It is also common to sear meats at high temperature to brown, then the heat is reduced to low.  This allows the inside to properly cook without drying out the outer portion.  Sauteing is a very quick cooking method which results in rich, well-developed flavors.

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday!  


   Pedantic Foodie