Nerd Word Wednesday

confit |kôNˈfē|


duck or other meat cooked slowly in its own fat.


We often define classic culinary techniques by the dishes we most commonly associate them with.  The term “confit” is a perfect example of one such misconception.  

When most of us hear “confit” we expect the word “duck” to follow it.  Though Duck Confit is indeed the most common confit preparation, it is by no means the only one. 

Confit refers to the method of cooking something in a braising-type manner in its own fat.  The dish is allowed to cook very slowly so that the fat renders, thereby flavoring the meat.  This process produces a very succulent and tender final dish.  

The confit technique is successful when applied to a variety of meats. 

Look beyond the duck, confit is its own wonder.  


  Pedantic Foodie