Nerd Word Wednesday

charcuterie |ˌSHärˈko͞otərē|

noun ( pl. charcuteries )

a selection of cold cooked meats 

• a store selling such meats.


You have probably admired these attractive platters on your Instagram feed.  Amongst the pictures of doughnuts and carved pumpkins come the simple and mouthwatering charcuterie platters.  

A charcuterie is a selection of meats or meat preparations, such as pate.  A charcuterie typically includes such offerings as cured meats, cured sausages, meat-based spreads and pate.  

Charcuterie is served as an appetizer, taking the place of the typical cheese course.  

In the U.S., the term charcuterie most often relates to the dish, but it may also refer to a shop that sells meats. 

At your next dinner party ditch the cheese platter and give charcuterie a try.  Happy Wednesday! 



Pedantic Foodie