Nerd Word Wednesday

galette |gəˈlet|


a flat round cake of pastry

The galette was designed for the bakers in this world who don’t like fussing with pie crust.  Galettes beg for rustic simplicity.  They demand rough corners rather than scalloped edges. 

Though the term “galette” can refer to a cake, it most often applies to a tart-like pastry.  Pie dough is rolled into a large circle and a filling, (usually fruit), is placed in the middle.  The edges of the dough are then folded over the outer parts of the filling, leaving the center exposed.  The crust is then brushed with beaten egg and sprinkled with sugar. 

 Some galette recipes with call for cake crumbs to be laid under the filling as to absorb excess juices.  This is usually needed when your are using juicier fruits, such as berries.  

The galette is a simple pastry which provides refined flavor wrapped in the package of imperfect beauty.  

Happy Wednesday!


  Pedantic Foodie